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Envision Design Build, home design and construction business, takes the clients vision from the design to the final coat of paint

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An established name since 1995, Envision
Design Build brings expertise and enthusiasm to even the smallest facets of
large custom builds, remodels, and designs.
Jack Knowlton,
owner offers Magazine-worthy images of floor-to-ceiling windows, updated
kitchens, sweeping staircases, and soaring ceilings showcase his skill.
Eye-catching textural elements of tile, stone, brick, and metals in rose gold
and antique brass stand out in his work. Partner Garrett Shaw agreed that the
custom finishes make the work look polished. Those points are never an
afterthought at Envision Design Build.

Knowlton and
Shaw have some predictions about client needs: Houston’s ample sunshine
should put an added covered porch high on the priority list for homeowners.
The design transformation can create a smooth transition to the outdoors and
offer a space to relax in shade during the warm months. Shaw painted a vivid
picture of how an addition can turn a barely-used covered porch into an
inviting, comfortable outdoor living space. Large, screened exterior patio
doors, kitchens, covered entertainment areas, and cozy fireplaces in the
outdoor space are a showcase of custom design by Envision.

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“What’s huge
in Memorial,” said Knowlton, a lifelong resident is that “a lot of people
like the area and don’t want to scrap the house, but they do want something
more modern and updated than what they’re in that was built back in the ’50
& ‘60s.

For his
experienced team, any area of the house can be reshaped. Raised ceilings and
shifted walls, opening a kitchen to the family room, gallery worthy recessed
lighting, also repurposing areas to create small offices, playrooms, and
mudrooms are all very achievable.

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We’ve come a
long way from your grandmother’s Lazy Susan corner cabinet. For today’s
at-home chefs who love to entertain, custom kitchens and pantries are a
wonderland they want to cook in, eat in, and entertain in. “The pantries
we’re doing now are so detailed and well-lit when you walk up to them.
Everything is right in front of you with shelves and drawers that pull out.
You don’t lose a lot of space; you gain space,” said Knowlton. He and Shaw
told us about doors with shelves that pull forward as you open them, so you
never have to reach to the back.

“We run
lights vertically down the inside of cabinets so it lights up the entire
space”. You don’t want dark spots in the kitchen. In these pantries, you open
the doors and motion-sensor lights that come

on automatically.

Clients also
love custom appliance garages. This feature puts major, heavy appliances like
mixers, blenders, and microwaves inside hidden cabinets. The sleek, smooth
look is functional too. Appliances emerge for use on rollers so the user
never lifts a finger. Contrasting finishes for kitchens are growing in
popularity, such as, stained wood islands, painted and/or laminate cabinetry,
metal detailing and plaster hood vents.

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Spot the

said that seamless integration with the existing home leads folks to believe
the home was originally designed as such. Couple that with the fact that
Knowlton prides himself on blending his exteriors into each subdivision, and
you have a recipe for updates that look like they were always there. “Our
builds will look a little more modern than the rest of the homes, but still
have the same character,” he said of his approach. Some call it blending in
or transitional design. Others call it timeless.

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Rather than
design a dream home only to discover prohibitive costs, Knowlton encourages
clients to disclose their budget. With that in mind, Envision can find a way
to achieve the look or concept the client desires without breaking the bank.
“We have become extremely good at value engineering,” said owner Knowlton.
For clients, that’s money in the bank.


800 Wilcrest
Drive, Suite 120

Houston, Texas 77042

(713) 789-8262


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