DFW Diabetic Relief

Revolutionary New Treatment for Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Symptoms

DFW Diabetic Relief Remote Care Clinic for People Living with
  Diabetes and pre-Diabetes

Remote Care Clinic for People
Living with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

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If you’re living with the symptoms of
diabetes or even pre-diabetes, I have a few questions for you. How would you
like to have your:

  • HbA1c lowered
  • Insulin
    sensitivity improved
  • Energy increased
    or restored
  • Medications reduced or
  • Nerve pain
  • Retinopathy or neuropathy reduced or

Those are some of the astounding results
being reported by 75% of patients undergoing an innovative new therapy that
treats the root cause of diabetic complications—metabolic

    Diabetic Relief
    Remote Care Clinic for People Living
    with Diabetes and pre-Diabetes

If you live in the Greater DFW area, DFW
Diabetic Relief is a remote care clinic that can partner with you and your
doctor to address your diabetes symptoms and give you your quality of life
back. Founding Physician Dr. Dwayne Miller explained. “DFW Diabetes Relief
provides a unique and groundbreaking patented approach called ‘Physiologic
Insulin Resensitization’. Through this physician-directed treatment insulin
is administered as a hormone, in micro doses, —rather than a drug—addressing
the primary cause of diabetes which is metabolic failure.” By introducing
insulin in a manner that bio-mimics normal physiology, Dr. Miller explained,
insulin resistance may be reduced which helps blood sugar more readily enter
each cell and be converted into energy.

Increasing cellular energy allows damaged
tissues and organs to grow, repair, and regenerate. This approach has shown
the ability to stabilize—and in some instances reverse—complications of
diabetes including Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 (T1), Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
(T2), Alzheimer’s aka Diabetes Mellitus Type 3 (according to Mayo clinic
research), prediabetes and other metabolic disorders. “This isn’t a cure for
diabetes,” said Samantha Pehl, FNP-C who works with Dr. Miller.  “But for
many people, it’s a dramatic method for decreasing your chance of kidney
failure and/or amputations due to diabetes, increasing your quality of life,
and decreasing your neuropathy pain—as well as overall joint

Depending on body chemistry and how long
diabetes has been present, Samantha says patients return for treatment
anywhere from weekly to every six weeks. “It depends on how long you’ve been
diabetic and how much damage the diabetes has already done,” she said. “And
you don’t need a doctor’s referral to begin. We can administer an exam at our
clinic.” If you suffer from foot problems, low energy, bad eyesight, or
uncontrollable blood sugar from diabetes or other metabolic disorder, DFW
Diabetic Relief won’t replace your doctor but will work cooperatively with
them to help you find relief and improve your life from these and other

haven’t felt this good in years. It’s like my neuropathy just disappeared and
my energy level has increased.” 

– Wayne

blood sugar is now controlled and my eyesight has improved so much that I
went from legally blind without glasses to now being able to read the
captions on the TV with no glasses. And I’m down from six vials of insulin
per month to only three.”

– Bruce

“It’s almost a miracle that my feet healed
so well. I started treatment and within three weeks it had healed. The wound
had been there for three months prior to treatment.”

– Greg

Statistics from the National Center for
Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) show

  • More than
    37 million people of all ages—about 11% of the population— have
  • 96 million
    adults—more than one in three—have prediabetes (blood sugar levels that are
    higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as
  • Diabetes
    complications are increasing for young adults aged 18 to 44 and middle-aged
    adults aged 45 to 64

Conventional diabetes treatment has focused
on suppressing the symptoms of the disease for these individuals, not the
root cause. This exciting new modality works to delay or even reverse
symptoms with the goal of avoiding dire complications such as heart disease,
kidney failure (nephropathy), painful nerve damage (neuropathy), eye damage
(retinopathy), wounds and amputations, peripheral artery disease, stroke,
Alzheimer’s (from Type 3), obesity, fatty liver, gastroparesis, and

“This is a new and exciting alternative that
lowers A1C and reduces inflammation because the body receives sugar as energy
rather than storing it,” Dr. Miller explained. “This treatment has been
around for a decade and there are currently over 100 clinics making it
available. We’re thrilled to finally be bringing it to Dallas/Ft Worth and to
see the difference it will make in the lives of so many patients.” Encouraged
by that success, Dr. Miller and his team plan to open multiple locations in
DFW and make this revolutionary treatment available, not just to those
suffering from diabetes but other conditions such as macular

The newest DFW Diabetic Relief is located at
208 North Highway 377 in Roanoke, near downtown Roanoke.  Make an
appointment by calling at 682-237-7600 or
on the website, DFWDiabeticRelief.com,
and see this elegant, spa-like clinic designed for your comfort during
treatment, with ample parking and wheelchair access. There are heated and
cooling massage chair recliners to keep you comfortable and a staff that carefully
monitors your health on each visit and keeps your doctor apprised. Treatment
is covered by most insurance plans, such as Aetna, as well as Medicare and
Medicaid and financial arrangements are available.

What Do Patients Report?

beginning treatment at DFW Diabetic Relief, patients

  • 95% Improved
  • 76% Improvement in at least one diabetic
  • 63% HbA1c
  • 41% Reduced Diabetic

They also
report restored energy, medications reduced, diminished nerve pain,
diminished retinopathy, wounds healed, amputations prevented, controlled
weight, controlled blood sugar, reduced blood pressure, restored erectile
function, improved mood and sleep, and hair and nail growth.

    Diabetic Relief
    Remote Care Clinic for People Living
    with Diabetes and pre-Diabetes DFW 
    Diabetic Relief
    Remote Care Clinic for People Living
    with Diabetes and pre-Diabetes

208 N
Highway 377

Roanoke, Texas 76262

(682) 237-7600 | DFWDiabeticRelief.com

Call for more information or appointments.

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