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Are Supply Chain Problems Still Impacting Home Remodeling Schedules?

Most of the issues have been resolved considerably since 2022. Higher-end luxury appliances are an exception, with around a six to 12-month lead time. We encourage our clients to order appliances as early as possible. During this delay, they can continue using their existing appliances, or we can provide temporary appliances before the new ones arrive. Windows and custom cabinets may also be delayed for a while due to the high volume of residential construction and remodeling that’s occurring.

Should I Remodel Now Or Hold Off Until Inflation Is Under Better Control?

My answer starts with a question — do you think products and services will be less expensive in the future than they are now? At some point, when inflation becomes better managed, costs may level off, but it doesn’t mean prices will drop. And, chances are, the dollar will hold less value by then.

The bottom line is there’s no better time than the present to invest in your home. Waiting doesn’t make economic sense. So, remodel and start enjoying your “new” dream home now. Even if you plan on selling it down the road, if you don’t fix up your home now and enjoy it, you’re just going to wait for a buyer to give you a lowball offer and then do it themselves.

What Environmentally Friendly Options Are People Asking For During A Home Remodel?

Solar power in Texas makes sense due to the sun’s intensity here, and recently, laws have changed, so HOAs can’t prohibit homeowners from installing solar panels on their houses. We use Texas-based ProLight Solar for solar system installation, and our clients have been thrilled with their timeliness, professionalism, and the end product. Solar shingles are available if you prefer a different look than solar panels.

Another technology we’re using is SPAN smart electrical panels that, when paired with an energy storage system, offer whole-home backup with prioritized circuits during a power outage, actionable energy insights, and circuit-level control via WiFi using a smartphone app. According to a company study, the SPAN panel extends average battery duration up to 40%.   

Should I Invest In A Whole-Home Remodel Versus Buying A New Home?

If you love your neighborhood and school system, feel connected to the community, have made friends, and enjoy mature trees and landscaping, why move? Also, home prices in Northeast Texas continue to increase, and equity is up. Taking advantage of this and renovating your home right now makes economic sense.

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Home Remodeler?

Select a remodeler you can trust and work with. Look for someone who will be a partner with you versus simply dictating what you should and shouldn’t do. Always ask for references from previous clients and contact them.

We’d be happy to talk with you about what sets Stately Design & Renovation apart and why we’re one of the most trusted premier whole-home remodelers in North Texas.

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