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Katherine Epps, MSN, APRN, FNP-C | Grace Vitale Wellness
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Can I Receive Primary Medical Care Without A Doctor?

Nurse practitioners have been working nationally for many years toward independent practice. Twenty-four states have so far approved full practice authority. Texas is a restricted authority state, so I work under the oversight of a fully licensed physician. Because I work under the direction of a physician, I can provide a wide variety of care such as vaccines, treatments of chronic disease, acute care and DOT physicals as well as prescribing medication. We also offer in-office infusions, which provide help for nutrient deficiencies, a stronger immune system, better hydration, reduction in pain, and much more. 

What Does Grace Vitale Mean?

The word grace evokes thoughts of generosity, helpfulness, and kindness. It reminds us to extend kindness to others and to ourselves. Vitale comes from Latin and means “of or belonging to life.” It means necessary or essential and reminds us that we all want to have good health so that we can be lively or full of life. This informs our method of treatment and care at Grace Vitale. We want to treat every person who enters our office with kindness. We especially focus these aspects with those under our care. We want to always consider what our patients are feeling inside and out.

What Are The Greatest Health Challenges You See In Children?

As little ones grow, their immune systems are still developing. That makes our Texas allergy and virus seasons challenging. Because children tend to share infections with classmates or daycare friends it’s not unusual to have five or six illnesses per year. We want to make that time as comfortable as we can for the child and caregiver with treatment and common-sense ways to help little ones feel better. We also want to help them develop healthy habits, which will reduce the likelihood of infections like emphasizing hand washing, possibly a multivitamin, and other prevention tactics.

How Can I Help My Teen/Young Adult Manage Stress And Anxiety?

We live in a complicated world. Since the COVID-19 crisis, young adults have experienced social isolation and difficulty functioning. The appropriate medications can be game changers for young adults. Counseling, regular exercise, and taking time to connect with family and friends can all add to progress. We monitor these situations closely in order to make sure they improve.

Why Am I So Tired?

This experience often begins for folks as we all get older. Our metabolism changes, and it can come as an unpleasant surprise. It’s important to begin with adequate nutrition and hydration, which can be especially tough in our Texas summer heat. We may also try nutritional supplements and examining sleep habits. We can run labs to ensure organic causes are ruled out. At Grace Vitale, infusions are available that can help with better sleep, better hydration, better nutrition and more.

About The Expert

Katherine Epps, MSN, APRN, FNP-C Grace Vitale Wellness
Katherine Epps, MSN, APRN, FNP-C
Grace Vitale Wellness

Katherine received her Bachelor of Science in nursing at Texas Woman’s University and her family nurse practitioner credential and Master of Science in nursing from Walden University. She has experience working in intensive care and interventional radiology. Katherine founded Grace Vitale Wellness, offering primary care, chronic disease management, and much more.

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