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How Long Will My Remodel Take?

The length of time depends on how complicated the project is, how quickly decisions can be made, when products arrive for installation, any changes made in the design phase, and any surprises found during the construction phase. There are generally four phases to be concerned with. The first is the design phase, the part of the project where you work with the designer to determine what the new space will look like. The average for that phase is about two to four weeks. Then you have the contract phase, when you finalize materials, order them, and schedule the construction. Depending on material availability, that could take anywhere from two to twelve weeks. During the construction phase, your existing kitchen or bath is being removed, and new items are installed, etc., which could last between two and eight weeks, depending on the project’s complexity. The final phase is the wrap-up phase, where we take less than a week to touch up or tweak anything missing or unfinished.

How Can I Manage Stress During A Remodel?

Communication between the remodeler and the homeowner is key. When most homeowners get into the design phase, they are really excited about their project. But once you start removing everything, and the homeowners are without their kitchen or bathroom for a period of time, they can quickly feel displaced and stressed. Working with the remodeler helps set realistic expectations for how long the construction phase might take. More importantly, the remodeler can work with the homeowner to create alternative arrangements. Perhaps they can move the refrigerator or microwave into a different area so the homeowner can still access it. The bottom line is that a good remodeler will communicate well and often to help the homeowners feel comfortable about what’s going on. If you’d like to learn more about how we work with our customers, visit dreammaker-remodel.com/greater-rockwall.

Should A Remodeler Carry Insurance?

It’s important that you ask the remodeler if they have liability and workers’ compensation insurance as well as subcontractors they use. As proof, their certificate of insurance can be requested from their insurance carrier showing coverage. This is important protection for the remodeler and homeowner if something unexpected happens.

What Type Of Warranty Will I Have?

You should receive a minimum one-year warranty covering defects from materials supplied and installed. Manufacturer warranties may be longer on some items, and you will also have access to that. Once the project is complete, knowing you are covered against defects is important and will provide peace of mind.

Is It Important For The Remodeler To Be Part Of A Professional Organization?

Yes. Remodelers in organizations such as the National Kitchen and Bath Association or the National Association of the Remodeling Industry are generally more qualified to work in your home. They typically undergo additional training to be members of those professional organizations and understand the codes and standards in your area. Quality work is key to any remodel job.

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A proud Rockwall resident since 2015, Clint Chappell earned his degree in mechanical engineering and boasts an extensive background that includes time as a construction professional in the chemical industry. Now that he owns a family-owned home remodeling company, he continues to preach superior craftsmanship, teamwork, relationships, and ethical excellence.

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