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Hobert Pools & Spas Stands Alone in Industry Experience, Excellence, and Expertise

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Hobert Pools, a family-owned and operated
pool builder based in Dallas, Texas, stands as a premier choice for creating
breathtaking backyard oases since its inception in 1975. With a consistent
history of financial stability and unwavering commitment to integrity, Hobert
Pools has become synonymous with excellence in the industry.


The Hobert family has been in the pool
business for close to 50 years, so they know the industry inside and out and
have experienced numerous market changes. Hobert Pools & Spas is a
stable, locally- and family-owned business that people know and trust. Since
Texas is an unlicensed state, anybody can represent themselves as a pool

There is a difference in a pool business that
builds one or two pools a year and a company that does volume business
building pools based on a foundation of integrity and financial stability.
Hobert Pools & Spas takes pride in their long-standing presence in
the area and looks forward to providing you and your family with a backyard
you can enjoy for years to come while making lasting

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Your Backyard Oasis

Hobert Pools & Spas will help you
bring your dreams of outdoor living to life in your own

“In addition to building swimming pools,”
said Duke Loper, sales and operations manager, “we offer complete outdoor
living features that include covered structures, outdoor kitchens and
fireplaces, putting greens and entertainment areas.”

The team at Hobert will help you plan your
project from start to finish right on the website with a wish list that
allows you to set a budget, choose the size and shape of your pool, what
special features and backyard furniture you want, and more. After your
initial meeting, you will be presented with a 3D design that allows you to
fully visualize your backyard dream.

Pool renovations are also in high demand as
homeowners are spending more discretionary income on updating their homes and
swimming pools. Hobert Pools & Spas offers complete pool design
renovations that may include removing the existing pool to simply upgrading
the coping and plaster to current design trends.

The Hobert

Over the years, Hobert Pools has built a
strong reputation for its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.
The company’s design elements and material selections are constantly
evolving, ensuring they stay on the cutting edge of industry trends. By
remaining abreast of the latest advancements, Hobert Pools can offer its
clients innovative and unique designs that set their backyard oasis apart
from all the rest.

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A Team of

One of the company’s greatest strengths is
its skilled workforce. Hobert Pools takes pride in employing a team of
talented professionals who are not only experienced but also deeply
passionate about their craft. Their expertise allows them to transform any
client’s vision into a stunning reality. From conceptualization to
construction, Hobert Pools ensures that each project is executed to
perfection by its dedicated and skilled team.

Customer Service

Hobert Pools’ success can also be attributed
to their exceptional customer service. The company understands that every
client is unique, and they approach each project with a personal touch. From
the initial consultation to the final installation, they collaborate closely
with their clients, ensuring that their individual needs and desires are met.
This personalized approach, combined with their expertise and
professionalism, helps build lasting relationships with their

High-Quality Materials

In addition to their design prowess, Hobert
Pools takes great care in selecting the finest materials for their projects.
By working with high-quality materials, they can create pools that not only
look magnificent but also last for years to come with minimal maintenance.
This commitment to using superior materials underscores their dedication to
providing customers with the highest level of satisfaction.

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Another key factor that sets Hobert Pools
apart is its commitment to maintaining financial stability and integrity. As
a family-owned business, the company values its reputation and prioritizes
transparent pricing, fair contracts, and clear communication with clients.
Part of the clear picture includes communicating how long it will take to
build your pool.

“Build times vary based on the scope of each
project and what extra features or additional backyard structures you may
want to install,” said Terry Leff, construction manager, “but the typical
build time for the average project will be between three and six

This unwavering commitment to honesty and
fairness has earned Hobert Pools the trust and loyalty of its customers
throughout the years.

Costs and

During the pandemic, the pool industry
experienced unprecedented demand where demand far exceeded the availability
of labor and material. Now that things are leveling out, inflation and higher
costs are affecting the market. Interest rates have risen along with the
price of supplies. For a family who wants to invest in a backyard
environment, that may include a pool, the arbor, the outdoor living area,
kitchen, and fireplace, the price range starts at $150,000 and increases
exponentially based on design features and specific material selections. Five
years from now, that cost will be even higher.

Hobert Pools & Spas works with
several lenders who specialize specifically in pool market loans that
currently offer very competitive interest rates. The financing team at Hobert
can help you connect with a lender right from the website where you can fill
out an application and get pre-approval.

Hobert Pools has established itself as a
premier pool builder in Dallas by consistently delivering magnificent
backyard oases since 1975. Boasting a history of financial stability and
integrity, their dedication to remaining at the forefront of design trends
and utilizing a skilled workforce sets them apart in the industry. With a
commitment to exceptional customer service and a passion for creating
stunning pools, Hobert Pools & Spas continues to be a name synonymous
with excellence.


1063 East
I30, Suite 101

Rockwall, Texas 75094



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