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When Maureen
Fuhrmann, RN and Susan Clawson, APN-C considered a name for their League City
med spa, one word kept coming to the surface—innovation. Our company name, by
definition, is all about new ideas, better methods, groundbreaking devices,
novelty, transformation, and a pioneering spirit. Both lifelong learners and
insatiable students, they knew they’d found their name—Innovation Beauty Med
Spa. They set about applying their 50 years combined nursing experience,
their natural affinity for caregiving, and their commitment to gathering the
absolute best training from around the globe.

“We’re both
caregivers at heart,” Maureen said. “Years spent in ER and trauma nursing
gave us a breadth and depth of knowledge about human anatomy. We wanted to
learn the science and art of beauty from the absolute best educators in the
field.” And that’s exactly what they’ve done. 

They began
their studies under world-renown facial aesthetics expert, Dr. Raj Acquilla,
in London, England and just returned from continuing education in Europe studying
again at the feet of this globally respected expert. “The UK is lightyears
ahead of the US in facial aesthetic technique and technology,” Maureen said.
“We just completed an addition master class with Dr. Acquilla focusing on the
science and anatomy of beauty. Our goal is to offer our clients artistic
beauty through the understanding of science.” 

The two
women also recently traveled to LA to study under Dr. Arthur Swift from
Montreal, Canada. A world-renowned expert and trendsetter in both the
surgical and non-invasive fields of cosmetic enhancement, Dr. Swift focuses
on the illumination of beauty through art and science. “It’s an exciting time
to be working in the medical beauty industry,” Susan said. “So much is
being learned and Maureen and I are committed to continually expanding our
knowledge and our services, bringing our clients the latest, cutting-edge med
spa treatments.” Here are two of those

Help for

underarms are embarrassing, no matter who you are. Of course, we all sweat
when we exercise, when we get nervous, or when we’re too hot. But if you
sweat for no apparent reason or you sweat too much, you know how awkward that
can be. Excessive sweating is actually a condition known as hyperhidrosis and
it can affect your scalp, hands, feet, groin, and most often underarms. Not
only embarrassing in social situations, but it can be expensive when you ruin
your clothes with those awful pit stains (known as pitting). Hyperhidrosis is
a medical condition with a medical solution. 

“One client
told us he was afraid to raise his arms in business meetings and had ruined
numerous dress shirts and business suits with excessive pitting,” Maureen
said. “Female clients have ruined expensive, designer evening wear. Happily,
we’re now able to control hyperhidrosis with Botox injections that can
curtail sweating for six to eight months.”

Here’s how
it works. Botox injections use botulinum toxin to block the nerve signals
responsible for sweating, stopping the sweat glands from producing too much
sweat. (Some sweat is normal and healthy.) The nerves will regenerate over
time, and clients will need to be retreated. But many find they can go longer
and longer between treatments.

injections are generally well tolerated by patients,” Susan said “Underarm
treatments respond well. Clients usually see some results in two days, and
full results after two weeks.”

Relief from
TMJ and Tension Headache Pain

our main focus is on beauty, we also receive referrals from dentists for
patients with TMJ-related pain,” Maureen said. “Because Botox relaxes the jaw
muscles, it can significantly decrease pain and increase mouth movements for
up to three months. We’re also able to offer relief to clients suffering with
tension headaches by targeting the temples, forehead, and lower back of the
head and neck to relax muscles and relieve pain. Most people need two
treatments but some clients experience relief immediately and relief can last
up to six months.” 

Therapy for Hair Restoration

hair can affect anyone—male or female. Whether you’re noticing more hair in
your comb or suffering from hereditary pattern baldness, there’s a healthy,
medical way to regrow hair and most people are good candidates. 

injecting stem-cell-derived exosomes and growth factors into the scalp we can
regenerate and regrow hair, especially in the earliest stages of hair loss,”
Maureen said. “I’m actually using the treatment on myself. It helps that I
can answers questions about treatment and outcomes because I have firsthand
knowledge. I’ve also been giving my husband Botox injections for

therapy may begin promoting natural hair growth in two to three months,”
Susan said. “New hair growth can continue over the course of a year, with the
most noticeable results usually around six months after treatment. We
typically reevaluate three to six months after treatment and assess if
further treatment is needed. The results have been exciting and very
encouraging for client who’ve been suffering with hair loss and are now
seeing new, healthy hair growth.”


3831 East
League City Parkway, Suite D

(on the corner of 96 and Lawrence Road in front of Clear Fall
High School)

League City, Texas 77573

(281) 967-1609




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