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Modera GI Amir R. Ahmed, MD Neema M. Saraiya, MD
Amir R. Ahmed, MD | Neema M. Saraiya, MD
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Dr. Amir Ahmed, board certified gastroenterologist and hepatologist for 15 years, received his medical degree from the University of Dundee and Ninewells Teaching Hospital in Scotland. After graduating with honors, he moved to the U.S. and completed his residency in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospitals in Maryland and a fellowship in gastroenterology/hepatology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Medical Center. Dr. Ahmed is proficient in general GI, therapeutic biliary endoscopy, EUS, and hepatology, with a special interest in liver and pancreatic diseases.

“I enjoy gastroenterology because it has a diverse disease base,” says Dr. Ahmed. “We treat motility disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome to diseases on the other spectrum, like diagnosing colon, liver, or pancreatic cancers — which are rapidly increasing — and then we also treat those in between, like Crohn’s disease and liver disease.”

As well, Dr. Ahmed and his partner, Dr. Neema Saraiya (who is board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology with five years of experience), see a diverse patient population, including older patients who may be dealing with cancer, younger patients who may have spasms (such as acid reflux), and others who present a variety of diseases, including hepatitis.

“Dr. Saraiya and I perform procedures,” says Dr. Ahmed, “such as upper endoscopies, colonoscopies, and specialty procedures for due diagnoses of liver and pancreas disorders.”

Dr. Ahmed points out that colon cancer is the second most common cancer in both women and men in the U.S. behind lung cancer and the second most common cause of cancer death in both men and women.

“The occurrence of colon cancers is rapidly rising,” said Dr. Ahmed, “with more than 250,000 cases each year, even though it’s a totally preventable cancer.”

He adds that most colon cancers occur after age 45, and because of this, screening through colonoscopy is now recommended at age 45, regardless of ethnicity. If no polyps are found and there is no family history, another screening isn’t recommended for 10 years. If polyps are present, then screenings are recommended anywhere from three-, five-, or seven-year intervals.

“Colon screening is a tool that has been proven time and time again to decrease the incidence of cancer,” said Dr. Ahmed.

Modera GI sets the industry standard for excellence with the expertise of the staff. Alongside Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Saraiya is the center’s physician assistant, Megan Gilbert, who has 10 years of experience in the field. Patients can schedule visits Monday through Friday in clinic from 8 AM to 5 PM at our office located at 5575 Frisco Square Boulevard Suite 220, Frisco, Texas. Procedures are performed Monday-Friday at our following surgical locations: Endoscopy of Plano, 1600 Coit Road, Suite 401A; Medical City Surgery Center of Frisco, 5575 Frisco Square Boulevard, Suite 100; or Medical City Surgery Center of McKinney, 4510 Medical Center Drive, Suite 150.

Along with the assurance of an experienced staff and convenient locations, Modera GI, the only clinic focused on accessible gastroenterology, ensures that patients receive same-day care and are seen quickly by experts with a variety of specializations eliminating the need for referrals to other doctors or multiple trips.

To schedule your screening or get more information, visit ModeraGI.com or call (469) 920-2302.


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