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The first thing William wanted
was someone to listen.
After years suffering with
debilitating spinal issues, he felt exhausted, hopeless, and ignored. Then he
met with Double-Board-Certified Neurosurgeon Dr. Jean Louis Benae. “Dr. Benae
listened to me completely, discussed my concerns and symptoms, and really
seemed to care,” William said. “He explained my condition and the treatment
he recommended. He and his staff treated me like I was the only patient
they’d see that day.”

The internet
is filled with such glowing reviews all singing the praises of the founding
physician at North Texas Brain & Spine Specialists and his seasoned
team of caregivers. With more than 10 years of neurosurgical experience, Dr.
Benae runs his practice with a simple four-word philosophy: Do the right
thing. That principle is at the heart of everything they do.

come to them from all over Texas — and even other states — with complex spine
and brain disorders and injuries such as herniated disc in their lower back,
peripheral neuropathy, complex brain infections, and other life-altering
conditions. Many, like William, have been suffering
for years. Because Dr. Benae
begins with the
knowledge that every patient is uniquely
different and deserves the least invasive
non-surgical or surgical treatment option, care is
customized specifically to

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Meet Dr.

Jean Louis
Benae’s journey to North Texas was
a winding yet highly decorated one. Born in
Cameroon and raised in Paris,
France, he made his way to the United States at age 20 to attend the
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where he pursued a degree in
physiological sciences and graduated with honors. He continued his education
at the David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine and obtained his Doctorate in
Medicine. Throughout his extensive training and career, Dr. Benae accrued
remarkable versatility
complex spine and minimally invasive
spine surgery.

Dr. Benae is
double board certified and a
member of various
distinguished national and international
neurosurgical societies, such as the Congress of
Neurological Surgeons, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the
North American Spine Society, and AO Spine. He’s a popular speaker at major
multinational corporations headquartered in Texas, speaking on his unique
approach to
care and preventive
that can be taken in the
workplace to improve brain and spine health. He also
mentors young, up-and-coming neurosurgeons in medical schools around the

Comprehensive Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatment

Surgery is
often the best path forward for Dr. Benae’s patient — but not always. “The
foundation of my practice has always been to look for and find the origin of
the patient’s problem,” Dr. Benae said. “There are often many treatments we
can try to find relief before we resort to surgery. When surgery is the
best option, robotic surgery
microsurgical techniques —
others — allows me to
operate with a minimum of cutting, less bleeding, less trauma to the body,
less risk of infection, and much shorter recovery times. It also makes
surgery more precise for greatly improved outcomes for all kinds of surgery.
Being able to provide the least invasive option means patients recover faster
and better.”

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The Latest
Advanced Technology

North Texas
Brain & Spine Specialists
utilizes the most up-to-date
technological advances in the
of neurosurgery. This ranges from the
latest Konica Minolta digital
system in the clinic to
the latest advances
in AI
guided spine navigation in the
operating room. Dr. Benae also utilizes
a highly specialized
microscope on all his
surgeries. This adds an incredible layer
of precision during these
procedures and allows
Dr. Benae to
really hone in
with his minimally invasive
surgical skills and limit damage of surrounding tissue.

“Pain is
scary and debilitating and can come from different sources,” Dr. Benae
said. “I partner with my
patients to
investigate and
find the source of that pain.” Because of this forward-thinking mindset, Dr.
Benae can make decisions a
a plan of action that won’t
simply mask his patient’s
s but address the root
cause and correct the problem. Since minimally invasive spine surgery doesn’t
require the long incisions associated with traditional, open surgery, the
muscles surrounding the spine don’t suffer extensive tissue damage. Minimally
invasive techniques have been used for decades, and the
results are typically faster recovery
times and a substantially
amount of pain and

Paying it

Dr. Benae
has long been a leader in give-back programs beyond the walls of his practice
aimed at providing free surgical and medical procedures for economically
disadvantaged communities near

far. At the forefront is the
Brain Project
Foundation, a nonprofit he
co-founded in 2016 to empower Africa’s
healthcare system. Dr. Benae
and his
team routinely spend
weeks at a time in Africa treating patients with a variety of services such
as dental surgery, complex
and spine surgery, general
surgery, and more.

According to
Dr. Benae, the Brain Project has donated large quantities of medical
equipment and supplies gathered from
the kind donations of many of the
hospitals in North Texas. And
he’s not treating
patients, he’s providing
hands-on mentorship opportunities
to young leaders in the African medical
community. For more
please visit
to learn
more and contribute.

If you’re
looking for relief from neck or
back pain, turn to Dr. Benae and the
experts at North Texas Brain
& Spine
Call their office in McKinney
at 469-908-2340 or
contact them
online at DrBenae.com to
learn more or schedule an appointment.

North Texas
Brain & Spine Specialists provides excellence in the care

  • Brain
  • Brain
  • Degenerative
    disc disease
  • Herniated
    disc pain
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Laminectomy spinal
  • Peripheral
  • Spinal
  • Spinal
  • Spinal
  • Subdural


North Texas
Brain & Spine Specialists

8000 Eldorado Parkway

Building E, Suite A

McKinney, Texas 75070

(469) 908-2340 | DrBenae.com

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