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Kate Bihm
Kate Bihm
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Kate Bihm, managing shareholder of the Bihm Firm, PLLC, is currently celebrating her 20-year anniversary as an attorney. She began her career in law as a prosecutor at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office. Then in July 2007, she hung out her own shingle.

With the growth of her practice over the last decade, her identity has evolved from being a solo practitioner to a firm whose focus transitioned from criminal law and criminal defense to almost exclusively family law. And there are good reasons for that growth and transition.

One such reason is the referral network at The Bihm Firm, which is comprised not only of former clients, but also other attorneys who refer cases to them due to their complexity and because they involve high conflict child custody and property division issues that The Bihm Firm is ideally situated to handle. Due to Kate’s strong litigation background, many family lawyers began hiring her as co-counsel in cases involving a criminal element or where the client was accused of family violence.

“As I worked on those cases with the family lawyer,” said Kate, “I began to realize that my skill set as a trial attorney and my experience in representing clients in criminal court gave me a lot of insight in representing clients in those circumstances. And gradually I went from assisting family lawyers in those types of cases to being the primary attorney on those types of cases. And that’s really where our reputation was born. People now realize that if they’ve got a tough situation, they can rely on us.”

The Bihm Firm now handles family cases involving child custody, property division, child support, establishing fraternity modifications of child custody and child support, child support enforcement, child custody enforcement, as well as also cases involving domestic violence and child abuse. While they don’t handle CPS cases (child welfare cases), they do represent clients in family court where the mistreatment of children is alleged or where a child has been physically or emotionally harmed. And they do still accept some felony criminal cases, however those are limited to specific cases that are a good fit for their skill set and expertise.

Another reason for the growth and expansion at The Bihm Firm is the consistent experience they offer
all clients.

Kate Bihm

“Our website says that we offer practical, relevant legal advice, and we take that seriously,” said Kate. “It’s not just a marketing term — it’s our purpose that we’re here to help families in crisis.”

The Bihm Firm offers a steady hand and are willing to become the sword and shield between clients and what may be a difficult personal situation. They are also willing to become a mentor who imparts wisdom to clients with no experience in their current environment and who may need help understanding where they should go, what they should do, and what resources they have access to in order to make sure that their family is safe.

Ensuring that clients set realistic expectations is another testament to the success of The Bihm Firm.

“One critical element of our practice,” said Kate, “is that the first time that we meet with a client, we make sure they understand exactly what the family court system is likely to accomplish for them and what it is that we as lawyers will be able to do to effectuate change in their lives. We make sure they understand that attorneys aren’t magicians and that they know when they choose us, they are choosing our experience, training, and perspective, and that we will expertly guide them through a difficult situation they probably aren’t equipped to handle by themselves.”

In times of crisis and transition, people can lose insight into what should happen next. At The Bihm Firm, clients are not only provided with the services they need for the present challenges, but more importantly, the services they need to fill the gaps in their futures, so that they can continue to be successful once litigation is accomplished.

The fact that other attorneys refer their most difficult cases to The Bihm Firm is an indicator of Kate’s stature in both the legal community and in the community at large. As well, her clients report great satisfaction with the outcomes that Kate and her team provide.

“I was in a highly contentious legal battle with my ex-husband when I filed for divorce,” reports Terra, a former client. “I was poorly represented by another attorney for the first six years, and I paid for it dearly. I lost time with my children and lots of money, without ever having the appropriate evidence entered on my behalf. When I hired Kate, everything changed. Though she facing a ‘David vs. Goliath’ situation, she stood strong. Six years of misrepresentation can wreak havoc on credibility in family court, yet Kate not only restored my relationship with my children, but she also restored my faith in the legal system — specifically, family court.”

Another client, Niki J., said, “The Bihm Firm guided me through a difficult and financially complex divorce with the utmost level of professionalism and competence. They conducted themselves in a highly moral fashion demonstrating a level of care and concern for my best interest. My questions were answered in a timely manner as they guided me through the legal realities of my situation. I feel fortunate to have had them represent me in the most difficult time of my life.”

Another testament to The Bihm Firm’s availability, effectiveness, and reliability is their location. Their offices are in downtown Conroe at 208 West Davis Street, directly across the street from the main courthouse.

“Our location is critically important to our practice,” said Kate. “We need to be accessible to the courthouse because that’s how much time we spend in court.”

When you are in a crisis that demands an attorney who is an experienced litigator, who is trusted by both clients and other attorneys, and who can steer successfully through turbulent waters, The Bihm Firm is your steady hand. To learn more, visit BihmFirm.com or call (936)788-6100.



208 West Davis Street
Conroe, Texas 77301
(936) 788-6100

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