Protect Your Family Now and In the Future

Katie Lee Dorricott with New York Life can help you plan for today and tomorrow

AdobeStock 236421617 EDITKatie Lee Dorricott, a licensed agent of New York Life Insurance Company, can help you with so much more than life insurance. She has the expertise, enthusiasm, and financial acumen to be your go-to resource for a multitude of insurance and financial needs.

Whether you want to plan for retirement, save for your children’s college tuition, or figure out unexpected home or medical expenses, Katie is here to help. She takes the time to listen to her clients and understand their needs and goals. She also explains topics that can seem complex to lay people in a clear, concise manner, providing open and candid communication every step of the way.

While New York Life’s flagship product is life insurance, Katie can help you with so much more. “Our approach is holistic. We can help with everything from estate planning to long-term care insurance to wealth management and more,” Katie says.

What really lights her up is when she can spark “a-ha” moments for people. For example, parents often don’t realize all the different ways they could save money for their children. They could put money into a savings account for their kids — or they could pay premiums on whole-life insurance policies. If they take the first route, Katie says it could take hundreds of years to save up the amount the policies guarantee. And if parents take advantage of dividend options and factor in the interest added to the cash value account every year, that amount could grow nearly fivefold.

“Deferred annuities and life insurance are great options for children, but many people don’t know this,” Katie says. “I’m on a mission to make sure people know what’s possible. My goal is to educate them and help them cover their bases financially.”

She wants to bust other common myths, including thinking that annuities are only for retirees. The truth is that annuities can be part of your financial picture in your working years and into retirement. If you’re a business owner, you can even insure your business and finance your premiums.

“The most rewarding part of what I do,” Katie says, “is hearing someone say, ‘Really? That’s possible? I didn’t know that!’ People don’t realize the power they have. With every dollar they earn, they can do something to protect it.”

A 10th-Generation Texan Helping Texans

In her free time, Katie and her husband stay busy with their two young children. They love spending time in nature and visiting the animals at local pet shops. Katie also enjoys history and discovered through her ancestral research that she is a 10th-generation Texan.

“My family came to Rockwall in 1868. I know Texans, and I want to empower them,” she says. “I’m inquisitive and curious, and I can offer a new approach. I want to give people a level of certainty to help them feel freer.”

Reach out to Katie today and let her customize a plan for your needsand goals.

12201 Merit Drive, Suite 1000
Dallas, Texas 75251
(281) 513-6356
[email protected]

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