New Frontiers in Dentistry

On lasers for better sleep, fewer wrinkles, and pain-free visits
Dr Stacey SmithPhotos by Karina Eremina of Joy of the Moment

Open wide. This New Year’s revamp can start
with the feature they’ll see, smell, and hear first: your mouth.
Transformations this big are worth it. Dental Designs by Dr. Alisa Reed, DDS
wields the tools to improve the way you sleep, look, and feel. While you’re
at it, you might avail yourself of the latest tools for facial

If this all sounds a bit like a pitch for a
med spa, rest assured, the office will make your general, restorative,
sedation, or sleep apnea care that much more comfortable. Versatility means
continuity of care and VIP treatment in everything from cleaning to

Dr. Reed and Dr. Stacey Smith, DDS, pledge to
prioritize your needs and concerns. It’s one of the many ways Dental Designs
delivers a little something extra, or lagniappe. The word is French for the
concept of going the extra mile, and Dr. Reed often read it in Louisiana
newspapers while growing up. Today her entire practice orients to the

Swift’s Smile

Looks matter. Case in point: Veneers show up
on the biggest stars around. Just look at the radiant smile on Taylor Swift.
If rapt fans and influencer dentists are right, before and after photos
illustrate the evolution of her veneers. Swift has not confirmed the rumors,
but she does flash those pearly whites with confidence.

Swift has a lot to smile about, but Dr. Reed
says cosmetic dentistry can be the event that encourages those ear-to-ear
grins. Self-assurance isn’t a charge on the bill, but Dr. Smith’s patients
thank her for their newfound boldness.

“It’s such a life changer for patients,” said
Dr. Reed.

One such patient brought in before-and-after
photos of their own. Snaps from years prior found the woman with a straight
face, careful not to crack a grin. Quiet and meek was the patient’s
description of herself before dental work. After photos showed her beaming,
with reports of being more outgoing and spirited as well.

Dr. Smith explained that veneers have grown
by bounds in the past decade, and every year offers even more options for
perfect patient results. Patients get the chance to speak to the lab directly
and choose from varying shades and opacity, so Dental Designs veneers can be
made to look as natural or headline-worthy as desired.


Cosmetic dentistry includes a range of
options to improve the look of the smile. The specialty is near and dear to Dr.
Reed’s heart because of the potential to boost a patient’s self-image. But
today’s trip to the dentist can also include treatments for skin
rejuvenation. Dr. Reed said that these treatments harness the power of
lasers, have no downtime, and do not prescribe sunscreen use for aftercare.
Though lasers have been used in dentistry for the past 15 years, they are now
becoming more popular.

A new cosmetic treatment with LipLase could
replace your fillers and deliver instant plumpness. Three treatments are
often scheduled in closer succession to begin with and then scheduled once
every four months for maintenance.

For wrinkles found on the face, SmoothLase
works from within the mouth to help tighten up the skin. Dr. Reed explained,
“We use it intraorally in a series of locations to produce collagen in the
cheek area from eye to jowls to help tighten the tissue up and reduce the
appearance of wrinkles.” Her office recommends one treatment per decade of
the patient’s life scheduled three weeks apart, or about the same as the
collagen cycle. After that, one treatment is recommended every six months or
a year.


Lasers in dentistry aren’t just helping
patients look better — they’re also helping patients address critical issues
like sleep apnea.

“Untreated sleep apnea will contribute to
cardiovascular issues, including blood pressure. If we have a patient on more
than one medication for blood pressure, we do a more intense screening for
that,” said Dr. Reed. “If blood pressure is not controlled by medication
there are underlying issues, and sleep apnea can contribute to

She further explained the connection to
fibromyalgia, citing the case of a patient who suffered from the disease for
years before being treated for sleep apnea and seeing their pain

“When you have interrupted oxygen levels in
the body, the buildup of lactic acid can make everything ache. Even minor
interruptions of sleep . You’re not awake completely but
your body makes you adjust your . That micro awakening
means you’ll be more tired in the morning. Clear breathing means you’ll wake
up feeling better. I’ve experienced that personally,” she

With painless laser applications to the back
of the throat, the patient’s body can respond by building more collagen. This
treatment is used in conjunction with a mandibular advancement device for
clear and positive results.

“The laser doesn’t cut the tissue, it warms
it,” explained Dr. Reed. Because of the laser’s affinity for certain cells,
those cells go to work and can tighten the tissue in the back of the throat,
opening the airway and reducing the size of the tongue as

Trust and

By reducing bacteria and swelling at
injection sites and stimulating the patient’s ability to heal, lasers are
also painless ways to assist with procedures like deep cleanings,
extractions, periodontal surgery, and gum contouring. They can reduce
bacteria and stimulate the patient’s ability to heal, revolutionizing
dentistry. For Dr. Smith, using the most careful techniques and ensuring excellent
care during restorative care is closest to her heart, because it helps change
someone’s experience of dentistry.

Reduced stress and caring hands are central
to everything they do at Dental Designs. Consider it lagniappe from local
anesthetic to lasers.

Dr Stacey Smith


1001 Medical
Plaza Drive, Suite 300

The Woodlands, Texas 77380

(281) 367-3411

4850 West
Panther Creek Drive, Suite 104

The Woodlands, Texas 77381

(281) 296-2010


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