Self Care is the Best Kind of Care 

love yourself


Show Yourself Some Love and Lose the Weight…for Good! 


It’s fall, y’all. And we are here for it! 

We’re ready to pull out our favorite sweater and boots ensembles, sweep off and decorate our porches with an assortment of cheery pumpkins and gourds, maybe even stock our home or office coffee stations with pumpkin spice evvvverything. 

What if we harnessed the same care and excitement for caring for our bodies and our health as we do with our physical surroundings?  

Any self-care plan starts with intentionality and weight loss is no different. There are many components to a successful weight loss journey. From goal-setting and accountability to plain, old-fashioned hard work, you’re going to have to focus, stay committed even when the excitement wears off and the motivation wanes. And find the support you need to succeed.

CARE Enough to Invest in Yourself 

Anyone who has embarked on a journey to lose weight (whether once or multiple times) understands what a challenge it can be. Setbacks happen. Slip-ups occur. It can be tricky to not let a bad decision (or even a few bad decisions!) completely derail you.

Good self-care starts with kindness toward oneself. You are not the sum of your mistakes! And you are worth the investment. Try telling yourself, “I will make healthy choices and keep trying because I am worth the investment.”

Here are a few other things to keep in mind if you are working toward achieving and maintaining a healthier weight and you are ready to CARE:

  1. Commit – Bad days happen. Let’s be real. Bad weeks happen. But if you are committed to this weight loss journey, you will more easily shake off the setback and course correct.
  2. Accountability – No more excuses. No more “I’ll start on Monday”. Find someone you trust and give them permission to lovingly but firmly hold you accountable! Own your weight loss journey and commit to sticking with it. Why? Because success breeds success. You’ve got this! 
  3. Rethink – Weight loss and maintaining a healthy body weight are not just about what you put in your mouth or how many days a week you work out. It starts in the mind. You must learn to think differently about a lot of different things if you want to succeed in the long run. Food, rewards, coping mechanisms, investment in yourself and self- worth are all topics to consider when training yourself to live (and think!) a new way. 
  4. Exercise –  While it is possible to lose weight without exercise, regular physical activity in concert with a healthy diet can give you a real weight-loss edge. Exercise will help burn off the excess calories you can’t cut through diet alone and also offers several health benefits, including boosting your mood, strengthening your cardiovascular system and reducing your blood pressure.


Find personal support for your weigh tloss needs
Find Support that Cares as Much as You Do About Your Success

Maybe you’ve done all those things and you still battle your weight. Don’t lose hope! A reputable medical weight loss practice can come alongside you, offering the support and solutions you need on your weight loss journey. Whether you need to lose a little or you need to lose a lot, an experienced, compassionate clinical team can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

“I know for a fact that obesity kills. The people affected by obesity are my friends, neighbors and fellow human beings. I feel strongly that we as a society must do any and everything possible to combat this disease and help the people we care about. If you’re struggling, I am here to help, if you have a loved one struggling, I am here to help.” 

-Folahan Ayoola, MD – Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas

Because people are unique, weight loss is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. One way Dr. Ayoola and other medical weight loss experts address this reality is by offering many different options for safe and lasting weight loss. With so many treatments available (some surgical and some not), it’s important to look at each individual as a whole before determining what will work best for that person individually.

Weight Loss Specialists of North Texas has three locations in Denton, Flower Mound and Frisco.

Show yourself the love, CARE and compassion you deserve. You can lose the weight, regain your health and feel great about yourself. 

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