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Nidhi Jaiswal, DDS

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BY Meredith Knight | photos by Lee Ann Baker/LABphotography and Amber Boykin Photography

For some of us, a trip to the dentist is a harrowing experience. Anxiety or downright dental phobia may even keep us from getting the treatment we need. Dr. Nidhi Jaiswal wants you to know it doesn’t have to be that way. If you struggle with dental-related anxiety or phobia, she wants to help. It’s what she’s done for countless patients. Those patients are so grateful that, even when they move out of state, many travel back — from as far away as Florida or Arizona — to be seen by the dentist who makes everything from routine check-ups to dental restorations to complete mouth makeovers a relaxing and pleasant experience.

No Anxiety Dentistry

“Our comfort menu allows our team to go above and beyond to ensure your dental visit is as pleasant and relaxing as possible,” Dr. Jaiswal said. “You can listen to your favorite music while relaxing with a warm blanket and enjoying the scented candles of your choice. These are just a few options from our complete comfort menu, designed to help your visit fly by.” Dr. Jaiswal believes in slowing things down and never proceeding with a treatment or procedure until her patient is ready and all their questions have been answered. Spa-like amenities help ensure everyone leaves their appointment feeling completely refreshed. And she even offers sedation dentistry when that’s the best option.

Starlite Dental Nidhi Jaiswal, DDS

Empowering Others

For Dr. Jaiswal, dentistry is all about empowerment. In fact, though she was originally attracted to a career in dentistry because she loved the intersection of art and science, ultimately, she found that her practice allows her to impact the lives of her patients as she relieves their pain and restores their self-confidence. She’s also passionate about impacting the lives of her staff and helping them realize their full potential. “I can’t say enough about my outstanding staff,” she said. “They stuck with me through COVID, and I honestly couldn’t do anything I do without them. When offered the opportunity to learn and grow, they jump at it.”

Dr. Jaiswal explained, “I’m lucky to have parents who raised me to be independent and strong. That’s always motivated me to do the same for others, whether it’s my patients, my staff, or others in
the community.”

Patient Education

In her McKinney family dental practice, Dr. Jaiswal begins by really getting to know her patients and what’s important to them. “I always want to make patients part of the conversation as I inform them about their treatment options, so they can make savvy decisions about their own health,” she said. “We’re partners in their wellness journey, and we do our best in helping our patients make well-informed decisions about their oral health.”

That’s important at a time when connections are being made between healthy teeth and gums and an overall healthy body. “Untreated bacteria in the mouth can enter the other systems of the body and contribute to health conditions such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, and even some cancers,” Dr. Jaiswal said. “I want to empower my patients to have a healthy mouth and a healthy body.”

Latest Dental Technology

Dr. Jaiswal admits she’s a bit of a dental nerd. She loves learning about new dental technology and investing in the ones that make dentistry gentler, more precise, and more effective, things like 3D X-rays, CT/cone-beam scanners, intraoral cameras, and cosmetic dentistry options such as porcelain veneers and KöR professional teeth whitening to help you love your smile. “Investing in top technologies and the latest tools allows me to address a wider array of oral-health concerns and helps my patients stay relaxed in the dentist’s chair at the same time,” Dr. Jaiswal said.

“Intraoral cameras allow patients to see exactly what I see in their mouths, making them an active participant in their care,” she said. “Digital X-rays create images in much less time, don’t require toxic chemicals, and cut down on radiation exposure by up to 90%. And the CT-cone-beam scanner creates a fully 3D X-ray image of the teeth, gums, and surrounding oral structures so the patient and I can see their entire mouth and I can formulate extremely personalized treatment plans for more involved procedures such as root canals and dental implant placement.”

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Jaiswal and her team are changing patients’ lives every day, helping them achieve amazing oral health and new, improved smiles. “The joy a new smile can bring someone is beyond compare,” she said. “It’s been rewarding to help so many people experience the difference a gorgeous, healthy smile can make. Many patients enjoy important life milestones after achieving these changes, and I love playing my part.”

Meet Dr. Jaiswal

Dr. Jaiswal earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the VCU School of Dentistry in Richmond, Virginia, and completed a two-year dental implants fellowship. She completes over 200 hours of continuing education each year to stay current with the latest trends, techniques, and advancements in dentistry. She has received a fellowship in dental implants from ICOI, a recognition less than 5% of U.S. dentists have achieved. In fact, she was the first dentist in the DFW area to place multiple implants using the Hiossen guided surgery and has consistently received recognition as a top dentist in Dallas.

When not on the job, Nidhi Jaiswal is a proud mom of “three beautiful, very active, crazy kids.” She loves keeping up with their gifted and talented training, advanced swim team, and dance. She does her part in the community offering free smile giveaways each year, volunteering at school career days, Meals on Wheels, and sponsoring scholarships for high school seniors.

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