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On-Trend Hues Reflect Comforting Lifestyle Design

Everglade Deck

By Annette Brooks

Upgrading your home design is an opportunity to tap into new color schemes. Knowing what shades are trendy and how different hues can work together for a cohesive design is an essential step in creating an attractive design aesthetic.

While you might turn to family or friends for inspiration for your next project, another resource for collecting concepts and options to upgrade your space is the internet. Consider the Valspar Color-verse, which allows visitors to explore colors and offers paint color inspiration and decor trends they can envision within their homes. 

Color Trends to Consider

Many of this year’s popular nature-inspired designs are all about finding comfort, embracing a flexible lifestyle, and rediscovering joy. The most trend-worthy, forward-thinking, and livable colors reflect specific facets or emotions of life, so you can update your well-used spaces with thoughtful colors that evoke positive energy and lasting change.

Holmes Cream

Comfort and Contentment:

If your goal is to create a space that envelopes you in comfort, consider a white with a yellow undertone that makes the room cozy, like a soft blanket, like Cozy White. Complement the softness with Southern Road, a muted clay that brings in brown undertones that suggest gentle contentment. 

Calming Restoration:

Tap into the calming tones of nature with Green Trellis, a hazy green with duality, bringing in both the great outdoors calm and liveliness. Another option is Everglade Deck, a deep midnight blue used as an elegant calming shade to restore the mind, body, and home. 


Healthful, Mindful Living:

Evoke a greater sense of health consciousness with a light blue that has a dose of softness used as a fresh neutral with uplifting qualities of a modern pastel, like Rising Tide. Reinforce the benefits of mindful living with Villa Grey, a cool color balanced by the warmth of the yellow undertone.

Connections and Joy:

Establish spaces where you can celebrate relationships with others and happiness in your being. Consider hues like Gentle Violet, a harmonious shade promoted by digital connectivity. Evoke joy with a dependable classic tan like Holmes Cream, which features a yellow undertone that suggests new life with uplifting qualities. 

Natural Balance:

Bringing hints of the outdoors into a well-loved living space creates a soothing ambiance. Consider Ivory Brown, a warm neutral tone inspired by the shades found in nature, or Blue Arrow, a cooled-down blue that strikes a beautiful balance between cool and warm shades in your design.

Inspirational Thought:

A work-from-home or crafting space needs color to inspire great thinking. Try a faded natural terracotta like Desert Carnation that sparks individuality and warmth or a deep blackened olive like Flora, an on-trend neutral that embodies charm
and sophistication. 

Explore the tool and find more colorful ideas at Valspar.com.

Navigate New Colors

Exploring color options before you apply them to a home improvement or design project gives you a chance to experience and visualize different styles before you fully commit. Using a tool like Valspar’s Color-verse, a 3D virtual home, you can experience on-trend color palettes that inspire your next big project through resources like:

  • An interactive feature that allows you to repaint walls of a living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, walls, and cabinets using the 12 Colors of the Year, then takes you directly to the site to order free paint chips to try at home
  • An artistic element where you can create a 3D panorama nature scene, explore others’ artwork, and share creations on social media
  • A light-hearted game that inspires you to get on the road to gather your home improvement essentials

Check it out at: ValsparColorVerse.com/#/app

Courtesy: Family Features, Valspar 

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