Jen Parra

Multisensory Reading Center
Jen Parra Multisensory Reading Center

Jen Parra

Multisensory Reading Center

Jen Parra Multisensory Reading Center
By Meredith Knight | Photo by Millhouse Foundation

Certified Academic Language Therapist Karen Bruton knew her son was bright. He was extremely verbal, but like 20% of school-age children, he struggled to learn to read and spell because of unidentified dyslexia. Now an adult, he is completing a Master of Theology degree and continuing to his Ph.D. The difference? A structured, multisensory, explicit, systematic literacy intervention like that offered through the Multisensory Reading Center.

MSRC was founded by former special education teacher, Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT), and Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist (C-SLDS) Jen Parra. Unlike traditional tutoring that helps with schoolwork, MSRC’s one-to-one dyslexia/structured literacy sessions help build connections in the brain that support the cognitive process needed for efficient reading and spelling.

“Our virtual lessons are one-on-one and adapted for each child,” Jen said. “The student is 100% engaged with the therapist, and there’s no group work or break-out rooms. Our experienced clinicians are all certified specialists, and because lessons are virtual (and have been since 2015), we work within a family’s schedule and can help students no matter where they live.”

“Students come to us feeling defeated, with little confidence in their reading ability,” said Amanda Bush, CALT and Director of Student and School Services. “In time, they go from feeling broken down and defeated to feeling positive and full of possibilities, with a whole new outlook on school, their capabilities, and themselves.” Find out more at DyslexiaSite.com.


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