Dwelling in Dallas

Residence in Greenway Parks - Dallas, Texas

Residence in Greenway Parks - Dallas Texas

Classic Meets Modern

The careful design illustrates how contemporary architecture can still flourish in a National Historic Landmark neighborhood.

Lived In

The home needed to be friendly for a busy family with active children, so the materials used are both simple and durable.

Residence in Greenway Parks - Dallas Texas

Nice at Night

Situated on a constrictive lot in the Greenway Parks neighborhood of Dallas, this Waneta Street project had to stick within the area’s strict conservation district guidelines.

sitting room in Residence in Greenway Parks - Dallas Texas

Style Synthesis

With a modest budget, the owners desired a contemporary house that kept and repurposed elements of the previous residence, weaving it into its surroundings.

Residence in Greenway Parks - Dallas Texas

Retro Future

Modern designs, construction, and materials met sustainable elements and classic style to marry contemporary architecture with the historic neighborhood.

Cozy Kitchen

Walls of wooden built-ins make the home feel crafted and custom while natural materials add a warm touch.

About the Architects

David Benners Architecture is a Dallas based firm dedicated to outstanding design at a variety of scales.  The firm looks to collaborate with clients to achieve quality, contemporary work. 


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