DFW Diabetic Relief

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DFW Diabetic Relief
BY Meredith Knight | photos by Karen Gnepper Photography

Treating the root cause of diabetic complications — metabolic failure — can yield remarkable results. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Rick managed to slash his diabetic medication in half in a few months, alongside a significant improvement in his eyesight, as confirmed by his optometrist.
  • Becky, who had been battling Type 2 diabetes since her 20s, found herself relying on just one medication post-treatment. Her blood sugar levels drastically improved, she shed weight, and
    her overall well-being soared.
  • Susie, who grappled with neuropathy for nearly two years, experienced a remarkable turnaround in just three months. Not only could she resume driving, but the neuropathy in her feet significantly diminished, granting her newfound sensation after years of numbness.
  • At 82, Chris faced the grim prospect of losing both feet due to diabetic neuropathy. However, with restored sensation in his feet and legs, coupled with a halt in discussions about amputation from his doctors, he’s now back behind the wheel.

If you reside in the Greater DFW area and grapple with diabetes, you can access this groundbreaking treatment at DFW Diabetic Relief. This remote care clinic collaborates with you and your physician to tackle your diabetes symptoms and restore your quality of life.

Dr. Dwayne Miller, the medical director, elaborated on the clinic’s approach: “DFW Diabetes Relief employs a unique, patented strategy known as ‘Physiologic Insulin Resensitization.’ By administering insulin as a hormone in micro doses, rather than a drug, we address the underlying cause of diabetes — metabolic failure.”

How It Operates:

By mimicking normal physiology, this method minimizes insulin resistance, enabling blood sugar to more efficiently enter cells and convert into energy. Enhanced cellular energy facilitates tissue and organ repair and regeneration, stabilizing, and in some cases reversing, diabetes complications such as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s (recognized as Diabetes Type 3), prediabetes, and other metabolic disorders.

“This isn’t a diabetes cure,” clarified Samantha Pehl, FNP-C. “Yet, for many, it’s a profound means of reducing the risk of kidney failure or amputations associated with diabetes, enhancing quality of life, and alleviating neuropathy and joint pain.”

Treatment frequency varies depending on individual body chemistry and diabetes duration, ranging from weekly to every six weeks. No doctor referral is necessary to commence treatment. While DFW Diabetic Relief does not supplant your physician, it collaborates with them to alleviate symptoms and enrich your quality of life.

In the U.S., staggering sums are expended annually on diabetes symptom management. The American Diabetes Association reports that diabetes care consumes a quarter of U.S. healthcare expenditures, with over half directly attributed to diabetes.

Data from the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) reveals:

  • Over 37 million individuals across all age groups, approximately 11% of the population, grapple with diabetes.
  • Prediabetes afflicts 96 million adults, over one in three, with diabetes complications surging among young and middle-aged adults.
  • Prediabetes affects nearly one in five adolescents aged 12 to 18 and one in four young adults aged 19 to 34.

Conventional diabetes treatment focuses on symptom suppression rather than addressing the root cause. This innovative approach endeavors to forestall or reverse symptoms, aiming to avert dire complications like heart disease, kidney failure, nerve damage, eye damage, amputations, and other associated ailments.

“This presents a fresh and promising alternative that diminishes A1C levels and curtails inflammation by ensuring the body utilizes sugar as energy rather than storing it,” elucidated Dr. Miller. “This treatment, existing for a decade, is now accessible via over 100 clinics. We’re thrilled to introduce it to Dallas-Ft. Worth, poised to transform countless lives.”

DFW Diabetic Relief

Buoyed by its success, Dr. Miller and his team aspire to establish multiple DFW locations, extending this pioneering treatment beyond diabetes to conditions like macular degeneration.

DFW Diabetic Relief’s newest facility resides at 208 North Highway 377 in Roanoke, adjacent to downtown Roanoke. Schedule an appointment by dialing (682)237-7600 or visiting DFWDiabeticRelief.com. Experience treatment in a serene, spa-like environment tailored for comfort, complete with ample parking, wheelchair access, and heated/cooling massage chair recliners. Rest assured, each visit entails meticulous health monitoring and updates to your physician. Most insurance plans, including Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, and Medicaid, cover treatment, with financial arrangements available. Delve deeper at DFWDiabeticRelief.com.

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If you’re living with the symptoms of diabetes or pre-diabetes, you can have your:

  • HbA1c lowered
  • Insulin sensitivity improved
  • Energy increased or restored
  • Medications reduced or eliminated
  • Nerve pain diminished
  • Retinopathy or neuropathy reduced or eliminated
  • Persistent wounds healed
  • Amputations prevented
  • Weight and blood sugar controlled
  • Blood pressure reduced
  • Erectile function restored
  • Mood and sleep improved

DFW Diabetic Relief is currently holding monthly town-hall style educational programs, and you are invited to attend and learn more about this life-changing treatment. The next meeting is scheduled for:

March 14 at 5:30 PM at 208 North Highway 377 in Roanoke, Texas 76262

Come learn about the pathophysiology behind this groundbreaking treatment and the way it can be used to interrupt the insulin resistance that’s affecting your health. Watch video testimonials from current patients experiencing life-changing results. You’ll also learn which insurance companies are currently covering the treatment. If yours does not currently cover it, your name can be placed on a list to be notified as soon as it does.

Visit DFWDiabeticRelief.com for more information.


208 North Highway 377
Roanoke, Texas 76262