Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital – McKinney

Advanced Cardiovascular Care in Your Neighborhood

Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital – McKinney

Meredith Knight
| Photos by Amber Boykin

When you or someone you love is
experiencing a cardiovascular emergency, you want an experienced heart health
team you can trust.

Baylor Scott & White The Heart
Hospital – McKinney (Baylor Scott & White Heart – McKinney) is an
extension of the nationally recognized Baylor Scott & White The Heart
Hospital – Plano and is set on the Baylor Scott & White Medical
Center – McKinney campus. Each location is supported by a system with a
reputation for quality care and offers services that range from prevention to
innovative treatments and technology.

“As McKinney has grown, we’ve expanded our
services to meet the growing needs of the community,” stated Martin Weiss,
MD, medical director of cardiovascular medicine at Baylor Scott &
White Heart – McKinney. “We’re an advanced medical facility right here in
McKinney. Our heart-team approach and collaboration with Baylor Scott
& White Heart – Plano allows us to share knowledge and scale up the
experience curve of the entire hospital system.”


“The doctors on the medical staff at Baylor
Scott & White Heart – Plano are our colleagues, and communication
between the two hospitals is open and ongoing,” Dr. Weiss said. “The McKinney
community can come to Baylor Scott & White Heart – McKinney for
advanced diagnostic outpatient imaging services and consultations and
treatment plans for complex heart and vascular conditions. And while
transfers to our Denton or Plano hospitals are rarely needed, the process is
seamless should a patient need advanced treatment or

Collaborative Care

Baylor Scott & White The Heart
Hospitals collaborate through their deeply rooted heart-team approach.
Specialists on the medical staff are fully integrated to weigh in on a
patient’s care. Each specialist contributes their personal expertise to
collaborate and collectively arrive at a consensus for each patient’s
recommended treatment.

“Whatever your condition, your care provider
can present your case to a team of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons,
anesthesiologists, cardio-imaging doctors, nurse practitioners, and critical
care doctors,” said Robert L. Smith II, chairman of cardiovascular surgical
services at Baylor Scott & White Heart – Plano. “The physicians on
the medical staff at Baylor Scott & White Heart Plano are excellent
cardiovascular doctors and surgeons.”

Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital – McKinney

Patient Care

Baylor Scott & White The Heart
Hospitals – Plano and Denton recently received the Society of Thoracic
Surgeons (STS) coveted three-star ratings in multiple categories* — the
highest rating available — for patient care and outcomes.

“The STS
star rating system is one of the most sophisticated and highly regarded
overall measures of quality in healthcare, rating the benchmarked outcomes of
cardiothoracic surgery programs across the U.S. and Canada,” said Dr. Smith.
“Baylor Scott & White Heart – Plano was rated three stars, which is
to say ‘higher-than-expected performance.”

Non-Invasive and Diagnostic

“We have a wide range of non-invasive and
diagnostic services. For example, our electrophysiology program offers
complex ablations which includes testing and treating any detected electrical
arrhythmias,” stated A. Sarmast, medical director of non-invasive cardiology
at Baylor Scott & White Heart – McKinney. “We also recently added a
second coronary CT scanner to detect heart disease sooner for better patient
outcomes. Baylor Scott & White Heart – McKinney was the first in the
world to offer this new scanner, which provides the ability to conduct quick
and accurate scans with minimal radiation. Our two different scanners offer
us more versatility in assessing a broader range of

“We are part
of Baylor Scott & White Heart – Plano,” Dr. Sarmast said. “In fact,
many of the doctors on the medical staff at Baylor Scott & White
Heart – McKinney trained in Plano and now offer the same quality of care
here. Because we share a campus with Baylor Scott & White – McKinney,
we share an ER. If a patient presents in the ER needing cardiovascular
services, they are transferred down the hallway to us. If we determine that
they require more advanced surgical care, patients are transferred to either
our Denton hospital or our Plano hospital, where they can receive
award-winning care, including specialized surgical services and
robot-assisted and minimally invasive heart


Baylor Scott & White Heart – McKinney
offers outpatient cardiac care and cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation to
help you return to daily life, either through its Plano or Denton locations
or, in many cases, onsite in McKinney. It also offers supportive palliative
care when it’s needed and access to Baylor Scott & White The Heart
Hospital’s ongoing clinical trials.

Baylor Scott & White The Heart Hospital – McKinney


The heart care providers at Baylor Scott
& White Heart – McKinney are part of this community. They live here,
work here, send their kids to school here, and care for patients here. “We
offer our McKinney neighbors doctors, nurses, and technicians who are trained
to handle a variety of cardiology specialties, all in one place and all in
their backyard,” said Dr. Weiss. “You can receive emergent and advanced
cardiac care right in McKinney, and if additional surgical services are
required to support a patient, they can be transferred seamlessly to one of
our sister hospitals. We look forward to continuing to grow as our McKinney
community grows.” To learn more, please
visit BSWHealth.com/HeartMcKinney.

Below are a
few of the many services offered across Baylor Scott & White Health
The Heart Hospitals:

  • Cardiac
  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardiac
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Emergency
    cardiac care
  • Minimally
    invasive heart surgery
  • Mitral
    valve repair procedure
  • Robot-assisted
  • Supportive
    palliative care
  • Vascular
    and endovascular surgery
  • Outpatient
    cardiac care
  • Living for
    Zachary heart screening

*Joint Ownership with
Physicians. Physicians provide clinical
services as members of the medical staff at
one of BSWH’s subsidiary, community or affiliated medical centers and do not
provide clinical services as employees or agents of those medical centers or


Baylor Scott
& White The Heart Hospital – McKinney

5268 West University Drive

McKinney, Texas 75071



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