A Refreshingly Modern and Comprehensive Alternative to Your Child’s Dental Health

Adeel Khan, DMD and Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry

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As a parent, the search for a qualified
pediatric dentist may seem like a daunting task and as a dad of two, Dr.
Adeel has made it his mission to alleviate any pre-conceived fears. Starting
at an early age, children’s smiles deserve quality and compassionate care in
a safe and judgment-free setting. From dental care for infants, assessing lip
ties, tongue ties and airway problems, to providing top notch preventative
and restorative care, your child’s experience with the Happy Chompers team
will leave them grinning ear to ear.

Happy Chompers prioritizes a non-traditional,
holistic, and comprehensive approach to pediatric dental health. Known to his
patients as “Dr. A,” he and his team acknowledge and uphold the trust each
parent places in them when caring for their children. A big kid at heart, he
thoroughly enjoys connecting with kids and supporting them in their journey
toward healthy, happy smiles.

and Treating the Body as a Whole:

Identifying the Root Cause

Providing comprehensive care means treating
the patient as a whole – not only focusing on the teeth, but evaluating the
airway, sleeping habits, diet, oral habits, and growth and development of the
jaw and the oro-facial complex to determine the root cause of issues. This
approach not only helps treat current disease but helps prevent future
developmental and dental issues. 

Judgement-Free Zone: Educating and Partnering with Parents   

Dr. A and his team are highly focused on
educating and partnering with families in a judgment-free zone. Happy
Chompers teaches proper, at-home oral care without blaming children or their
parents on the child’s current dental health or past oral care. Their goal is
to motivate children, focusing on good brushing and flossing habits for
improving and maintaining a healthy oral environment. Knowing and applying
proper techniques leads to happy and healthy smiles in the

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Comfortable Environment

Known for making appointments a fun
experience, Dr. A goes the extra mile to make each dental visit upbeat and
enjoyable for his young patients. The waiting area is filled with games and
toys to keep little hands occupied. Overhead TVs provide entertainment and a
welcome distraction for kids during treatment.

Tongue and
Lip Ties

Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry provides
excellence in dental care from infants to teens in a cheerful,
family-friendly environment. In infants, early detection of tongue and lip
ties is key. Since Dr. A’s own son struggled through infancy with
breastfeeding and TOTs (tongue, lip ties), he was determined to gain additional
years of specialized training in that area. His proven knowledge and
expertise in treating TOTs and airway deficiencies is an important focus of
his practice.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Chompers is committed to their patients’ health and safety, utilizing the
most up-to-date technology available. A completely digital office, they
incorporate modern equipment including digital X-rays, digital scanners,
airways scans, and CO2 lasers.

Getting a
Head Start on Your Child’s Dental Health

Dr. A recommends scheduling your child’s
first dental appointment by the time they celebrate their first birthday, or
when their first tooth erupts. This will allow him and his team to get a
jumpstart on introducing good oral health habits as well as reducing the
possibility of dental anxiety as your child grows older. Helping nervous kids
feel at ease and earning their trust in the treatment chair is one of Dr. A’s
special talents. This trust allows them to anticipate the enjoyment of future
dental visits and helps facilitate a favorable

patient/dentist relationship.

Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry knows each
child is special and unique. If you’re ready to put your child on a path
toward maintaining a healthy mouth, airway and overall health, Dr. Khan looks
forward to meeting you and your child. For further information on services
and treatments, please visit their website.

(LM Final) Happy Chompers 5073Meet Dr. A

Board Certified
Pediatric Dentist

Dr. A has
more than a decade of clinical experience in pediatric dentistry and is the
owner of Happy Chompers Pediatric Dentistry. He graduated magna cum laude
from Boston University School of Dental Medicine with a desire to practice
pediatric dentistry and educate children and their parents on preventive care
and treatment options. His friendly demeanor and gentle touch enables
children as well as their parents to feel relaxed and stress-free.

Dr. A
believes his practice’s philosophy is what differentiates them from other
pediatric dental offices. “We’re committed to our core values of treating the
body as a whole, not only looking at teeth but determining what is the root
cause of dental and orthodontic problems,” he says. “We strive to earn your
trust by recommending preventative and practical options, while keeping the
best interest of your child in mind.”

dentistry for infants, kids, and teens ensures bright and healthy smiles from
the start. “We’re here to make sure each child has a positive experience
while receiving the dental services needed to maintain healthy oral care and
a lifetime of smiles.”  

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